Gift Lists

Wedding Lists

Clementine has started to do Wedding lists. Perfect for any bride & groom looking for unusual & useful presents for their new home.

Come to the shop and spend a happy hour or two putting your gift list together over a cup of tea! On completing the list, all that is left to do is give the shop information to your guests. Leave the rest to us!

It doesnt matter how big or small the list is. Gift wrapping is available and we can post the presents to you or your guest. Otherwise you can arrange for the items to be delivered together or come to the shop and collect all your gifts from the gifr list! (and show us your wedding pics too!).

Gift vouchers available. Please see the Gift Vouchers page for further information.

Wish Lists

We often get men in the shop, looking for the perfect present for their wives or girlfriends. Why not save them the stress of shopping and create your own 'wish list'. Enjoy putting together your list while browsing through the shop with a cup of tea. All you then need to do, is tell them you have wish list here and they can buy you that 'perfect present'!

Of course, men can have wish lists too!