Code: Hanglers131

Price: £5.50


"Hanglers" is the Wiltshire dialect word for the hooks you find on the ceilings of old cottages. Each sheet of marbled paper is produced using oil paints. The colours are spattered in turn using a brush on to the surface of a shallow tank of size. The floating paints are created into a pattern which is absorbed onto a sheet of paper laid carefully on the surface of the size. No two sheets, therefore, are exactly identical but are marbled individually.

All Compton Marbling sheets are subject to copyright. Marbled paper may be ordered by the sheet which are ordered using the pattern numbers. We carry an assortment of seconds, however, availability varies as we don't actually aim to produce seconds!

Marbled Paper Prices:
First Quality
1-9 £5.50 per sheet
10+ £4.50 per sheet
Second Quality
1-9 £2.70 per sheet
10+ £2.40 per sheet