Party Invitations - 8 Fill-In Invitations & 8 Envelopes


Price: £5.00


Caspari invitations feature fine designs and works of art from artist, illustrators, and museums around the world. Your guests will be delighted to receive your invitation and will find the origin of each pattern or work of art printed on the card's back. From elegant to whimsical, there is a theme or style for any event. Using the highest quality printing processes, our invitations are printed on heavyweight cardstock paper.

Printed on high-quality heavyweight cardstock paper and packaged in a clear cello pack.
Swiss printer, Graphische Anstalt J.E Wolfensberger AG, is an FSC-certified printer.
8 Invitations and 8 Envelopes per Package
5" x 7"
Fill-in style invitations include blank spaces to write down the theme, time, date, and place of your event.