Kit & Willy's Dogs of the World

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Kit & Willy's Dogs of the World will be enjoyed by children and adults! Kit and and his dog Willy take a delightfully witty and beautifully illustrated tour of favourite English dog breeds, including Jack Russells, Labradors, Spaniels and Staffies. There will be a lot of giggles at bedtime, from adults and children reading this hilarious and adorable book, with the fun illustrations accompanying the important dog facts! Author and illustrator Zebedee Helm is a brilliant artist and writer. Beautifully printed and with the ink-spattered hard cover to the bark code on the back, Kit & Willy's Dogs of the World is a visual delight for booklovers and doglovers alike.

Taken from Kit & Willy's Dogs of the World:
"The Dachshund is probably the most sausage-like thing there is, other than a sausage. Don't keep him in the fridge however, as he will eat EVERYTHING"
"Never put a Bichon Frisé in a bubble bath. You will not find it again"