Code: HMLS01

Price: £28.95


The two hand marbled lampshades seen are 12" & 10" empire shades. We also make the lampshades in a coolie (the bottom diameter is wider) shape or Retro shape. Please note that all 14" empire shades require two sheets and therefore have two seams. However, this is not necessary if you have a coulis, which only uses one sheet.
We would also like you to be aware that we use a matching colour binding around the edges of the top and bottom of the shade. This will be a colour picked out from the paper. If you want a specific binding colour, please do let us know.

The lamp shades are available in every marbled pattern (click here to see patterns). As the hand-marbled products are all individually made, we ask you to make an enquiry regarding this product. We will then be able to let you know if we have the pattern you require in stock. If not, we will be able to make up the product specifically for you.

10" Empire £28.95
12" Empire £34.95
14" Empire £44.95

10" Retro £29.95
12" Retro £35.95
14" Retro £48.95